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Control Panel Config

Test pages, service menu's, diagnostic menu's, NVRAM/Disk initializations and firmware update instructions are covered during this procedure. 

Control panel operation and configuration is essential in properly diagnosing many printer issues. 


Each printer is dis-assembled to the frame using the service manuals and lab guides provided by ProTech.  Each Field Replaceable Module (FRM) is discussed in detail including:

  • Motors
  • Sensors
  • Solenoids
  • Paper Input Units
  • Paper Delivery Units
  • Fuser Assemblies
  • Drive Gear Assemblies
  • Registration Units

Dis-assembly of FRM's not listed in the service manual are covered with the assistance of the instructor along with customized technical documentation.

Our Mission

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Meet The Instructor

David Bourque is the founder of ProTech Printer Training Solutions.  David moved to the Dallas area in the early 90's during his employment at Computer Maintenance Training Company (CMTC) to manage the Dallas training center.

He trained for CMTC for over 6 years as a printer maintenance instructor traveling the country.  After the company disbanded 2001, he didn't want to give up his dream.  While trying to build up ProTech, he started working as a printer repair tech and founded Lone Star Printer Services. 

All the while still performing break/fix training for service providers, school districts, IT solutions providers and government agencies all over the nation. 

David lives in Aubrey TX a northern suburb of Dallas.  When not delivering training, David stays current on a wide variety of laser printers, scanners and MFP's including HP, Lexmark, Muratec, Dell, Samsung, IBM, Brother, Kodak, Xerox and many others.


Troubleshooting is the most critical part of printer break/fix.  During this module we cover:

  • Power Issues
  • Error Codes
  • Jam Resolution
  • Noises
  • Print Quality Problems
  • Communication Issues
  • WebJet Solutions

Fault insertion is also performed to reinforce the concepts presented during theory.  Common printer specific issues are also covered during this module.

ProTech Printer Training Solutions

Our Mission

Our mission is to help service technicians, MPS providers, IT solutions organizations and office equipment dealerships to be successful in printer break/fix by supplying the best training in the market today. We will work hard to improve technician confidence, knowledge, productivity, and customer relations. Find out how we can help you today!  Call us at 214.477.4810


We begin our modules by introducing laser printer theory of operation.  This starts with the 5 blocks of a generic laser printer:

  • System Interface
  • Control/Monitor
  • Image Formation
  • Paper Pickup and Feed
  • AC/DC/HV Power

The Image Formation block is then broken down to the 6 steps of the print process:

  • Cleaning
  • Conditioning
  • Writing
  • Developing
  • Transferring
  • Fusing

Each of the above procedures are explained in detail.