What Our Clients Say

Roger D., Copier and Printer Break Fix Instructor, ESI: "The hands on exercises were extremely helpful to gain an understanding of how each model operated.  David's knowledge of real world problems and how to troubleshoot them helped me to understand what I will see in the field."

Josh G., Printer Break Fix Technician, Tonerport: "The training has been excellent .  I feel that with David's advice and instruction, I will be more confident in servicing printers in the field.  The materials are simple, yet focused on many key steps.  The overall mission of this training has been accomplished."

Ronnie M., Field Service Technician, MPS Intelligence:"Dave is an excellent instructor.  He made learning theory, believe it or not, fun."

Bill D., Customer Service Engineer, Hewlett Packard: "I really enjoyed the training.  It's going to make real world troubleshooting so much easier!"

John A., Field Service Technician, ImageTech Xerox: "Very well done, would do it again!"

Michael A., U.S. Army Veteran:  "I thought the class was excellent.  David kept the class engaged in the material presented and made it easy to learn the process of repairing different printer models.  I would definitely be interested in taking additional classes!"

Mark G., Technician, Printer Resources and Recycling:  "Great class!  I'll never forget a 59 error again!"

Brian E., U.S. Navy Veteran: "Great course, I would recommend this to anyone!"

John P., U.S. Air Force Veteran: "It was very enjoyable taking this class.  Dave was knowledgeable and personable."

Gary W., Metrofuser Student: "Great class! Great personality!"

Ross G., Systems Administrator, H.U.D: "Class was outstanding, I would recommend this to others!"