We can train you in the repair and maintenance of a wide variety of printer products.  Below is a list of just some of the products we offer training on.  If the product model you are interested in is not listed, contact us with your product list:

Hewlett Packard LaserJet

  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet P2035/2055
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet P3010/P3015
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet Pro M401
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet Pro M425
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4000/4100
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4200/4300
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4250/4350
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet P4015/P4515
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet M601/602/603
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet M604/605
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet 9000/9050

Hewlett Packard Color LaserJet

  • Hewlett Packard Color 1600
  • Hewlett Packard Color 2600/2605
  • Hewlett Packard Color CP2025
  • Hewlett Packard Color 3600/3800
  • Hewlett Packard Color CP3025/3525
  • Hewlett Packard Color CP4025/4525
  • Hewlett Packard Color 4600/4650
  • Hewlett Packard Color 4700/CP4005
  • Hewlett Packard Color 5500/5550

Lexmark Laser

  • Lexmark C720
  • Lexmark C750/C752
  • Lexmark C760/762
  • Lexmark C920
  • Lexmark Optra T-630
  • Lexmark Optra T-640/642/644
  • Lexmark Optra T-650/652/654

Technical Support

For the technician in the field servicing a printer they've never seen before, there is nothing more daunting than not being able to contact someone for Level III support.

At ProTech, we want to help.  That's why we offer our Level III support from 7:00am Eastern to 8pm Pacific.  We include our technical support at no cost to our clients that have attended a module.

We also welcome those who have a need for our technical support.  We offer hourly and monthly affordable rates.

Our tech support staff will assist you with any printer issue you encounter.  We offer support on the following products:

  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet
  • Hewlett Packard Color LaserJet
  • Hewlett Packard DesignJet
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Lexmark Optra
  • Lexmark Color Laser
  • Brother MFC
  • Brother LED
  • Muratec
  • Canon Laser Class
  • Samsung SL
  • Samsung CLX

Contact us today for support or to schedule a training module at 214.477.4810.  Or simply email us at

ProTech Printer Training Solutions

Our Services


We can provide you with expert consultation services.  More and more clients are converting billable calls to MPS or placing equipment on maintenance agreements.

We can assist you with suggestions for trunk stock, parts supplier recommendations, common hot swap solutions.  No matter the issue, we're here to help.  Contact us today at 214.477.4810.